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We will require some information to assist you in starting to use any of the A4dable Software systems.





Normal Office Hours are Monday to Friday from 08H00 to 16H30, but we are always available to assist you with operational problems you may experience. Kindly see our Contacts page for after hours contact details.




We are experiencing more than average support requests to assist with computer hardware and software problems that are not related to our products. This causes frustration for us and our clients.


For your convenience we provide the following checklist to work through before you phone for support:



  • Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of our software and your operating system (Windows).


  • Check that electrical cables are all plugged in and in good condition.


  • Check that your network cables are not coiled or bunched together in any way.


  • Check that your equipment has electricity and is switched on.



  • Check that your internet connection is on and working.


  • Make sure that your operating system (Windows) is set to automatically receive updates.


  • Check that your antivirus program is up to date.


  • Check that you have sufficient hard disk space available.


  • Remove or uninstall anything you may have changed recently on the computer that could cause the problem.


  • Switch all equipment off and restart them one by one while testing to see if any one item causes the problem.


  • Run a check on your harddisk(-s) to ensure that it is in good condition.


  • Check that your payment for the license fee has been received.







Please use online contact form to

quickest reach us after hours,

or in case of emergency see our mobile numbers on the CONTACT page.