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Why choose A4dable Credit Provider Software©? 

We provide budget-friendly systems that conforms to the South African and neighbouring countries' credit laws. Our systems are fully scaleable and can grow with your business. Comprehensive reports generate accurate information pertaining to the profitablilty of your business and any other information you may require. It has a clean-cut and user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use for your staff. With over eighteen years of development and maintenance, it has proven itself bug free and ahead of it's genre. Credit scoring of your customers further enables you to reduce risks to your capital and manage staff performance to achieve optimum returns. Integrated risk management protects your capital against death, disability or retrenchment of your client base. You will be joining a group of leading micro finance businesses that trust and rely on A4dable Credit Provider Software©. Our systems run seamlessly on Windows platforms including peer-to-peer networks as well as server-centric Windows networks. Our users receive telephonic and electronic support during office hours at no extra cost. Prompt upgrades are made available as new requirements arise at no additional cost. There is neither an installation fee nor registration costs. We could set up the system online for free, simply contact our Helpdesk or complete our online enquiry. 



How do I test your software in my business to see if it is all you promise it to be?

Simply phone us to install the software for you, so that you can test it at your leisure. Our support function is availbale to assist you with setting up your software and any questions that may arise.



What happens if I am not sure after 30 days if I want to keep the software?

A quick phone call to discuss your doubts could resolve any questions you may still have.



I like your software, but want to get to know the people that I am dealing with before I decide?

Please invite us to visit you, we love to talk to our clients. Our offices are strategically situated throughout South Africa so that we can respond in super quick time.



I like your software but do not want to type in all the customer details and histories all over again?

We will assist to incorporate any data provided to us in Excell spreadsheet format into our systems, free of charge.



I have decided that I want to use your software, but do not want to pay for 2 licence fees while I give notice to a previous service provider?

We will consider extending your free period, on request.



I have decided that I want to use your products, where do I get training?

Our systems are very user friendly and do not require specialist training to operate. Easy to follow user manuals and video's are available to downlod from the website and the helpdesk will provide any assistance you may need. If you wish, we can arrange training at your premises at a nominal fee.



How safe is my clients data on your system?

All data is kept on you own computer(-s) and is not sent to anyone. Our software includes a back-up module so that you can keep copies of all the data. We recommend that you keep at least one complete set of backups off site away from your place of business. We could assist with setting up an on-line backup to a webserver. 



Are the loan douments and -contracts generated by your systems binding and legal?

Our loan documents and contracts are regularly reviewed by our legal team and have been approved by the NCR. They have been tested in courts and proven to meet all requirements.



What happens if I forget to pay the monthly licence fee on time, do you just stop my system?

After the month end, our system will remind you to obtain a new licence. We have a short grace period built into our licencing programs, after which your system will stop functioning. It does not affect your pc or any of your other programs at all. We recommend using the debit order payment method to prevent such a situation from happening.



What happens when legal requirements change, do I have to buy a new program?

Our products are continually changing to stay up to date with changing regulations and acts. These updates are made available to you free of additional charges.



How does your system collect money owed to me?

A4dable systems will seemlessly integrate with any of 3 different service providers, KwikSwitch, Nupay or Allps.



Does your system do credit checks on my customers?

Our systems integrate with Compuscan for credit checks.



My business has grown and I need another computer to serve my customers, do I have to pay another licence fee?

Our systems are fully scaleable and will grow with you, at no additional costs. The number of terminals that you can run in an office is limited only by your computer hardware.



I want to open another shop in a different location, do I have to pay a seperate fee?

Each seperate location needs its own licence to operate our systems.



What happens if I have a problem with my system?

Our helpdesk is available during office hours to resolve any issues that may occurr and to ensure that your systems stay operational.



I have an emergency situation after hours but your helpdesk is closed?

Our mobile phone numbers are available from the A4dable website. We will provide what ever assistance we can to get your business systems operational.


What is your minimum required hardware specification to operate A4dable systems on?

Our recommended minimum confiurations for new computers are frequently updated.


Your minimum system requirements is quite big, does that mean that it will not work on my computer?

The specifications is based on current technology available for best performance with our systems. Our systems will run on older machines but may experience a slight loss in response times. 









Why has A4dable Software decided to make our systems paperless?


An average micro lender with 200 clients will print on average 45 000 pages every year, with an estimated annual cost for paper and ink amounting to more than R11 000. In addition these pages have to be filed and safeguarded to adhere to legal requirements. Paperless processing and electronic document storage obviates the need for stacks of paper, filing cabinets and expensive ink and saves 6 trees per micro lender every year.


If there are more than 6 500 Micro Lenders in South Africa as the NCR's membership suggests, and they each process an average of only 200 loans per month, the potential saving in the industry can be R71,5 million rand or a forest of 39 000 trees every year!

How does paperless processing works?


A4dable Credit Provider Software still works the way you are used to. The only difference is that your clients sign on an electronic signature pad instead of on paper documents. The system then saves the quotes and loan documents on your computer and the loan issue process continues as usual. Any of these documents can be printed onto paper at a later stage should you require them for Court or other purposes.

Where are my documents kept then?


Documents are created in PDF format and stored in a Documents sub folder of the CashW folder on your computer system. The documents cannot be altered as each document is marked by a computer date and time stamp, proving the originality of the documents.

What is needed to make my system paperless?


You will need to purchase a Wacom STU500 signature pad, which are available from a number of retailers around the country. They retail for about R2 000 each, plus VAT and postage and are sold and supported by Signatura Solutions Tel. 011 275 0139. Once the signature pad is connected, our help-desk on 044 873-3876 can then activate your paperless functions. Download specifications here.

Will the computer not lose my documents and place my loans at risk?


We recommend that the paperless system not be used on computers older than 3 years, as the lifespan of the hard disk storage might be compromised. At a yearly saving of R11 000 or more on paper and ink alone, the paperless option is still economical even if you purchase a new computer. Even new computers do sometimes break, so it is very important that backups are made at least daily or preferable a few times a day. Significantly more data will have to be backed up and we recommend that an external hard drive be connected to the computer and used exclusively for data backups.